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Announcement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China: Yuwell is now approved as a national industrial design center

Release Date:2020-04-30 View:478

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China has announced a list of companies that have been approved as the fourth batch of national industrial design centers. Yuwell Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd., the only medical equipment company in this batch, has been listed together with Huawei, Midea, and other big brands.

A list of the approved enterprises

This is also another important honor Yuwell has received after being accredited as a corporate technology center by the country. It marks that the company is not only equipped with steadfast research and development strength, including national postdoctoral scientific research stations, and national key research and development program united laboratories, but has also entered into the front row in the country with its strong industrial design capacity.

National industrial design center

National industrial design center refers to corporate industrial design centers or industrial design companies that have been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. These companies have strong industrial design and innovative capacity, distinctive characteristics, regulated management, outstanding performance, and a leading development status in the country. Currently there are only over a hundred such centers across the country.
As a transnational group that has been committed to the medical equipment industry for over 20 years, Yuwell has focused on the following sections: medical supplies, home medical equipment, surgical equipment, and a better life. We have always increased our efforts on scientific and technological innovations, and have raised our attention to industrial design to an unprecedented level.

Design in manufacture industry is a process where technologies are transformed into products that meet the various needs of consumers. It involves knowledge in industrial technologies, culture, and aesthetic appreciation.
The design and development work of Yuwell national industrial design center is focusing exactly on the industrial design of products, brand image, and visual expression.
Between 2016 and 2018, an accumulative amount of 143,657,700 yuan was invested in Yuwell medical industrial design center, accounting for around approximately 20% of the company’s annual investment in research and development.

Medical supplies need science and technology, as well as warmth

In recent years, Yuwell medical equipment & supply Co., Ltd. has integrated various resources, including cultural, technological, human, and material resources through industrial design, which is also the company’s firm response to the country’s call for an upgrade in manufacture industry, and an active embrace of a medical equipment supplier towards a better and more human-oriented experience.
Revolving around the areas of chronic diseases in respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system, the Yuwell industrial design center has initiated 100 different industrial design projects, covering new product design and development, product upgrade and replacement, process and engineering technology development, smart manufacturing testing device development, etc. Many significant and highly influential results from research have been achieved, and the industry conversion rate exceeded 82%.

In the future, Yuwell Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd. will be based on national industrial design center, integrated with a globalized industrial design innovation system, set up its goal as realizing intelligent manufacturing during the stage of building product concept, bring ideas and essences of industrial design into the whole process of intelligent manufacturing, push for unprecedented innovation, and help Chinese medical equipment brands to improve their position in the global value chain.