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Accurate and efficient! Yuwell medical aid supplies arrive in Hubei

Release Date:2020-03-19 View:571

Large-scale outbreak of COVID-19 in China during spring festival, shortage of medical supplies became the focus and difficulty. According to CCTV news, a large number of materials are currently being gathered in Wuhan, but many of them do not meet medical standards, and professional medical materials are still lacking.
Yuwell as China's largest homecare medical equipment listed company supports Wuhan, providing a large number of professional medical devices. It is pleasured that recently Yuwell has received feedback from Wuhan in succession: the medical supplies for the special supply of "Vulcan Mountain" and "Thunder Mountain" hospitals have been arranged recently.



Special supply from yuwell Medical for Wuhan COVID-19


Professional Command Center to control supplies distribution


After the outbreak of the epidemic, yuwell set up the outbreak command center immediately, set up S, A, B, C four major supply systems, to deploy supplies to support the front line from all over the country, and arrange specific vehicles to transport supplies to the epidemic area.



Thermometer production at full capacity


When receiving an emergency demand from Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Yuwell actively overcomes difficulties and emergency deployed 1,000 thermometers to support it within 2 hours.


Yuwell Engineers heavily armed in severely infected areas


Yuwell YH830 Mobile Bi-Level Breath Care PAP support Wuhan hospital



Yuwell engineer teaching Wuhan doctor to use breath care PAP



Yuwell specific vehicle to transfer supplies


On January 24, Yuyue donated disinfection products and thermometers to Wuhan, and arrived the next day. On January 28, Yuwell Medical donated 2 million yuan of respiratory products such as breath care PAP, nebulizer and oxygen generator to Wuhan.


Wuhan hospital received Yuwell medical supplies