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Yuwell attend the 76th CMEF in Shenzhen

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Oct 29th to Nov 1st, the 76th CMEF held in Shenzhen exhibition center with the topic” Medical digitization Times”.
The event attracted more than 3000 medical equipment companies all over the world. As the domestic industry leader, yuwell group members: yuyue medical, wandong medical, JZ surgical instruments and Hwato brand all attended. And total show space are more than 1000sqm.

 Vice manager Jianqiang Mao attend the opening ceremony

Yuwell arranged the booth with the following parts: product area, OTC solution, sleep solution, Cloudoc, surgical instruments, which showed the rich product range and the innovative strength of yuwell group.

Yuwell booth panorama

New member of the world’s best seller- yuwell oxygen concentrator, model 8F-5AW published in the fair.5L flow rate with medical grade oxygen purity, fashion appearance, portable and only 15.5kgs weight. Only 48dB(A) front noise. With remote control, timing off and safety alarm functions.


Oxygen concentrator display

Yuwell Breathcare CPAP is portable and user-friendly. Quiet, Stable and comfortable are the main three advantages. 4 levels noise reducing technology brings users whole night sleep. It has won lots of favorable comment since published.

CPAP/APAP display

Yuwell unique DFFA algorithms which can figure out the suitable pressurize value for different users. The YE650D model configured  360° testing cuff, broadcast function, IHB and etc, brings more comfortable and accurate measurement.

Electronic BP monitor display

The 403H medical grade air-compressing nebulizer, configured high-performance pump, which can continuous run for 24hours, small and evenly particles, MMD<5μm, medical grade sterilization, and double anti-theft function, which is specially designed for hospital.

Nebulizer display

Yuwell I.V. catheter developed with no DEHP,  PU catheter. Yuwell blood collection tube made with imported PET, additives and separation gel.

 Medical disposable display

What’s more, yuwell showed blood glucose meter and AED, oxygen generator.

Blood glucose meter display

Yuwell OTC solution

Oxygen generator display

AED display

Cloudoc display

JZ surgical instruments display

Sleep solution display